Excited for English


"On Tuesday 26 January 2016, Mathew, Mitchell, Amina and Nathan took part in Mount Carmel's Annual 'Excited English' competition. The first round was a crossword based on children's authors. On that round we were three words away from completing the whole thing. On the second round, we needed to run into the library to find to find answers for 10 questions. After we answered the 10 questions, we had a picture to reassemble and we came joint second. After this, we knew that we were in the top three. We had to do a spelling round and we nominated Mathew for the job. He only got one wrong and we came second. We were only one point away from first. As a result, we got a certificate, a medal and a box of chocolates. We were both delighted but disappointed at the same time. We hope we do better next time.  

Written by Mathew B and Mitchell J